8th June –“ The World oceans day “

Each and every one is contributing to ocean pollution. Yes, land is connected to rivers and rivers go to the sea or ocean. All the pollution, sewage, industrial, agricultural or solid wastes all go untreated into the river or lakes connected to oceans. So we can’t say that we are not polluting oceans. Plastic pollution is one of the major threats along with oil spills, untreated wastes from the land. This year’s world environment day theme was “plastic pollution” which causes a lot of damage to the marine ecosystem.

Nano plastic remain unfiltered even by barnacle’s and other lower animals and they goes into the food chain were they are accumulated. These nano plastic enter human body along with the seafood. Sea birds, turtle, whales and other animals eat plastic directly or indirectly. Recently we have seen photographs of sea animals’ stomach full of plastic. Plastic straws enter animals’ nostril and other parts which chock them to death.

Oil spills are also causing a lot of causalities in the ocean; oil layered around birds feather and sea mammals fur also decreases the buoyancy of the water. It become difficult to breath in oily water ultimately many animals and birds die without any fault.

All the problems are anthropogenic and due to selfishness of human beings. All the creatures are having equal right to use all the recourses available on earth.

“Earth is not for only human”

 “Stop being selfish”

“Oceans are home for millions of creatures,

Save oceans to save biodiversity”