Why Plastic?

Why plastic?


1. We forget to carry cloth bags from home.
2. We feel bags as an extra item to carry and plastic bags are lightweight.
3. We are lazy don’t buy when needed but when we are out and things are available on the way.
4. Plastic bag, water bottles and boxes etc., are easily available and are cheep.
5. We don’t plan for shopping rather we are impulsive to buy some thing what we see.
6. We feel plastic bags and items are clean and healthy.
7. Plastic articles are durable; we can carry in rain and dust.
8. Plastic looks more modern and stylish.

What can we use?


1. Cotton cloth, hemp or jute bags.


Terracotta, paper or leaves (banana, areca, sal and banyan leaves) cups or utensils in place of plastic ones.
3. Metal bottles, paper pouches or pot for keeping drinking water or other food items.
4. Soap, detergents, creams, grocery items and medicines should be packed in metallic or paper covers.
5. Biodegradable garbage bags should replace plastic bags. Newspaper bags can also be used to throw garbage.
6. Baby diapers should be avoided try to give them training from very beginning.
7. Ecofriendly sanitary pads should be used, other alternatives are also available.
8. Don’t use plastic coated paper cups and glasses they are too non-biodegradable.
9. Practice living like your grand parents; don’t buy extra bags, clothes, gadgets and electronic items unnecessarily because all are going to add to waste.
10. Best policy is to reduce, reuse, recycle and regenerate from old things.

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  1. Very nice article…
    Love the content…. Nd suggestions…. Well done… Keep sharing ur valuable ideas..

  2. Need to know everything facts have been jottwd down in simplest of words. Really loved the simple tips which can and should be followed by everyone.

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