World Environment Day (WED) 2018 this year is special for Indians as we are going to host it. Theme of this year is “Beat Plastic Pollution” which is a big environmental threat not only for us but also for our wild life and environment. Use of plastic is not reduced even after a lot of efforts. Plastic bottles, plates, forks, straws and plastic bags are most common rubbish that we can see around us. These plastic items are eaten by birds, cows, fishes, and turtles and even by human, in some or other form innocently without being aware of health hazards and consequences. It can choke our water bodies and become the cause of accumulation of other toxins as well.

This is the 45th environment day, which we are celebrating globally on 5th of June 2018.


WED or Eco-Day is an opportunity for us to find out solutions for pollutions, global warming, over population and wildlife crimes. India hosted WED in 2011 as well.  Actually we should learn from our ancient Indian civilisation and culture, which was based on environment friendly life style, respect and devotion for plants and animals. Still people in India especially in small town and villages worship trees and animals as god, in this way they are protected, which is a nice way of sustainable development.

In June 2013 on the environment Day an “Earth Anthem” was launched written and sung by “ Abhay K” this anthem is as follows:

“Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl the most beautiful planet in the universe all the continents and the oceans of the world united we stand as flora and fauna united we stand as species of one earth black, brown, white, different colours. We are humans, the earth is our home.”

Lets us dedicate our self for mother Earth and our environment and to all creatures.



  1. World Environment day is over, and people are back to their same old routine generating garbage, aiding to pollution of all kinds and yet complaining about hot weather, air pollution, flash floods etc etc. This article is a reminder to what we need to remember not only for a day, but throughout. We shall focus on lifestyle changes… Just like we do when we get sick… Our Earth is also sick beacause of our actions or inactions!

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